We are proud of our natural and cultural richness and are committed to providing you an intimate experience in a stunning natural setting.
We promise an authentic, warm, and memorable service. We’ll share our rainforest with you and help you find your “Pura Vida.”

How we do it


Our essence

Our staff is the very soul of Nayara. Our outstanding local men and women embody our internal mission of “heartfelt hospitality;” they all feel proud to work here, and to show Costa Rica to our guests through their own eyes. From, Don Francisco, our head-of-bellmen who is ready to point out rare birds in our lush gardens; to Brian, Mis Amores’ Maitre d’, who makes you feel like you are the most important person in the resort; to Rosita, one of our housekeepers, who every evening surprises guests with her towel-animal designs.

Jairo Quesada, Resort Manager

Jairo is a “Tico,“ a person born and raised in Costa Rica. With over 18 years of experience in the hospitality industry, he joined Nayara as a receptionist the first day the resort opened and climbed to Resident Manager and Head of Operations. Jairo is very proud of his country and always eager to share his knowledge and friendship with the world. “You can always improve a guest’s experience by making them feel special,” Jairo tells his staff. His motto is “leadership through dialogue,“ always bringing out the best in each person.

Our Spa Therapists

Our therapists are the most important reason why your experience at the spa will be amazing. They are the heart of the spa, solely responsible for your wellness and relaxation. Our piece of paradise has been called a haven of tranquility in the rainforest thanks to their knowledge, dedication, and Pura Vida attitude.

Pablo Montiel, Coffee Roaster and Barista

I love nature, coffee's aroma, and the smile I see in people when they sip different types of coffee in Mi Cafecito, our espresso bar. Every day I roast an amazing cup of coffee to share with people from around the world.


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Gastronomic philosophy

Our kitchens are driven by the mission to offer sustainable and healthy food that uses local and seasonally available products while supporting local farmers and producers. The aim is to get to “zero kilometers” of distance between our produce and our kitchen.

William Weiss

Executive Chef

Born into a family of restaurateurs from Alsace, trained in numerous Michelin-starred establishments in France and Monaco. A strong passion for travel led him to different culinary adventures thereafter, from Australia, Bora Bora, Canada, and England, with a remarkable stint in Switzerland at La Réserve and Spa in Geneva that marked the beginning of an inspiring and long-standing gastronomic journey. His culinary approach is characterized by sensitivity, precision, boldness, and directness, brings a variety of styles with a broad extension of forms and techniques, that are essential for the inspiration to elevate the authenticity and richness of Nayara Resorts’ cuisine.



At Nayara, sustainable tourism is our driving motivation. We believe in building in harmony with nature, leaving space for wildlife and wilderness, while contributing to the growth of our local community. We are proud of our numerous social and environmental initiatives. We are environmentally friendly and socially responsible without compromising on design or culture.


We think local: we want our community to thrive. The majority of our team comes from the neighboring town of La Fortuna de San Carlos. We offer them free transportation, sustainable tourism education, and health services. Some of our additional local initiatives include free early education for our employees’ children, volunteer time, and financial support to Hogarcito de Ninos, a local orphanage, and support for local artists.

Costa Rica is Green

Costa Rica is one of the greenest countries in the world, both literally and ecologically. A quarter of the country’s land is protected from development, the largest percentage of protected land in the world (the average is 8%). From the beginning, Nayara has pledged to keep a light footprint on its pristine property. We built two pedestrian bridges hanging over our forest canopy to protect the trees and wildlife below. We were rewarded the Costa Rican government’s coveted Four Leaves Award for Sustainability for our efforts and for endorsing the four tenets of sustainability that ensure we remain one of Costa Rica’s premier eco-resorts.

Energy & Water Conservation

We built sustainable and renewable buildings. Land topography allows us to orientate our rooms smartly to maximize the effects of sunlight and ventilation, minimizing the need for air conditioning and heating. We use energy-conserving light bulbs and lighting systems, and water-conserving faucets and towels.


Sloth Preserve

Sloths—those adorable and lethargic animals living in treetops—spend much of their lives in the canopies of the Guarumo trees, snoozing and hiding from predators. Our mission is to preserve and grow our tropical rainforest, providing a safe habitat that can support a healthy sloth population. By planting thousands of trees, we show our commitment to the preservation of the sloths’ natural habitat. As we continue our reforestation effort, our tropical rainforests are welcoming more sloths, monkeys, and birds than ever before.

We have gone to great lengths to preserve and protect our piece of the rainforest—building around heritage trees, planting native species in our tropical gardens, and caring for the animals and birds who reside on our property. We also help Arenal National Park’s reforestation effort and provide sanctuary for sloths and howler monkeys.

Conservation and Reforestation

Reforestation is the most important action we can take to protect the rainforest and the wildlife that lives in the rainforest. Planting new trees reduce the number of greenhouse gases in the air, benefiting the local climate. As those new trees grow, they help rebuild endangered habitats, the leading threat to the health of all wild animal species. We have slowly and painstakingly replanted native species in the forest and set out a tropical garden throughout the resort which has created a natural refuge for birds, monkeys and sloths, and beautiful grounds for everyone’s delight. We have an extensive collection of tropical plants including palms, cycads, flowering trees, and vines. Our collection also includes different varieties of ginger, heliconias, and tropical bamboo.

Single-use plastic free

We are working hard to become a single-use plastic free resort. We have replaced plastic water bottles with glass reusable bottles in the villas, eliminated plastic straws, and continue to recycle plastic and cartons.


DELTA SKY Magazine

“Getting away from it all -and back to myself- in the Costa Rican rainforest”


“Costa Rica gives the “Pura Vida” experience, a phrase that has become the country’s unofficial motto.”


“A resort that revives: plug into nature with bird-watching walks, open-air yoga classes, and soak in your own private plunge pool.”


TRAVEL BY DESIGN “a rainforest allure”


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Virtuoso Life

"..Admire Costa Rica's rainforest and Arenal Volcano: from afar, while soaking in a private hot-springs-fed plunge pool"

Virtuoso Life

"Maybe it's the thermal plunge pools? More than 15 sloths have taken residence at Nayara Resorts"

"Perfect romantic escape" LINK TO FULL ARTICLE

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“...What sets Nayara apart from other great properties is the staff. The most friendly, caring, warm people that have ever worked at any resort have been put together as an "all-star team".

Steve S. , Chicago, IL

“Our private guide let us explore the rainforest at our own pace—lingering to watch a family of monkeys, stopping for a snack when we were hungry. It was an unforgettable day.”

James R. , London, UK

“If a luxury trip with loveable sloths sounds like your ideal holiday, Nayara Springs is a five-star resort located on 15-acres of gardens and rainforest that overlooks the Arenal Volcano, the third most active in the world.”

Alex Butler , Lonely Planet

“If you love birds, amphibians, reptiles, mammals, orchids and tropical trees, you will think you’ve arrived in paradise.”

Stephanie F. , Berlin, Germany

“ …The service was unbelievable. Everyone who works here is so nice and always smiling. They go over the top to give you the best experience!… They roast their own coffee at “Mi Cafecito”, and all the beans are locally sourced in Costa Rica.”

Anne87 , London UK

“ …When the door to my villa opened, automatically my mouth fell open too; I had to pause to take in all its magnificence.”

Risa Feldman , Aspen Luxury Life

“ The food at every restaurant at the resort is delectable and beautifully approached, as well as the atmosphere. The wine bar is a must-visit, with a wine pairing experience you will never forget! We will definitely return, nothing else could ever compare.”

Anne87 , London UK

“It’s luxurious. It’s breathtaking. It’s a rainforest oasis. After reading about the top category awards Nayara Springs received from Travel and Leisure Magazine, Forbes, Conde Nast Traveler, and TripAdvisor — not to mention it is adult only — I knew this was where I wanted to celebrate my 50th birthday. “

Risa Feldman , Aspen Luxury Life

“ With tripod and binoculars, Juan -the naturalist- first picks up on a small flocking noisy but colorful toucans, a red-lored parrot, a masked tityra, a broad-winged hawk, a great kiskadee flycatcher, and a Scaly-breasted hummingbird -only one of 54 hummingbird species in the country. All that within an hour, and all on the property!”

Arlene Stacey , Zoomer Magazine, Canada

“It’s a twitcher’s dream perfect for those birders who are willing to travel great distances to cross unseen birds of their list.”

Arlene Stacey , Zoomer Magazine, Canada

“My spa treatment “space” was open air with a thatched roof, and without walls. Ambient music was not played during my volcanic mud massage because there was no need for it. The natural sounds from the surrounding rainforest made for the perfect natural soundscape.”

Risa Feldman , Aspen Luxury Life